We created Dope Stories to have an intelligent conversation about drugs and examine how drug policies shape our lives.

Despite the prevalence of drug use in human society  whether it's your morning coffee routine, a full-blown opiate addition, and everything in between – it is difficult to extract truth from the layers of disinformation and stigmatization that encase the discussion on substances. We tried to foster a rational dialogue around this complex topic and paint a clearer picture of all the ways drugs affect civilization.

Along the way, we also shared stories from our 40+ years of combined intoxicated experiences on the road, traveling and meeting people from all walks of life. We engaged in a full range of topics from "reducing mandatory minimums for nonviolent offenses" to "the biggest joint you ever smoked."

Hosted by Shane Schleger and Pauly McGuire

Produced by DJ Trent

Theme song "Dope Stories" by P.A. (remix w/ Noreaga, Pimp C and Big Gipp)

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