Episode 26: Phish Tour

Episode 26 - Phish Tour
Time: 51:39
Hosts: Shane & Pauly
Producer: DJ Trent

Description: Pauly returns from two weeks on the road following the band Phish for seven concerts and Shane asks him about his psychedelic travels in New York, Detroit, and Chicago. Other topics include: sleep as a drug, habituation and compulsion of social media, the nitrous mafia, Phish as a religion and "what is a wook?" Dope Media segment features Down the Rabbit Hole (a novel by Juan Pablo Villalobos) and Michael Walker's book on the Laurel Canyon music scene.

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Dope Media (Ep. 26):
1. Down the Rabbit Hole novel by Juan Pablo Villalobos
2. Laurel Canyon: The Inside Story of Rock-and-Roll's Legendary Neighborhood by Michael Walker