Episode 27: This Is The End

Episode 27 - This Is The End
Time: 53:57
Hosts: Shane & Pauly
Producer: DJ Trent

Description: Shane explains how he arrived at the difficult decision to end Dope Stories after 27 episodes. Shane and Pauly reminisce about their favorite moments from the show, and they also briefly discuss the New York Times op-ed series supporting the legalization of marijuana. Pauly shares a Las Vegas story about dropping LSD at the World Series of Poker on the day Phil Hellmuth made a grandiose entrance dressed as Julius Caesar. Dope Media includes Drunk History, WTF Podcast with The Amazing Johnathan, Graham Hancock's banned Ted talk, and Pauly’s upcoming novel Fried Peaches.

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Dope Media (Ep. 27):
1. Drunk History
2. WTF Podcast with Amazing Johnathan
3. Graham Hancock banned TedTalk on "The War on Consciousness"
4. Lost Vegas and Jack Tripper Stole My Dog by Pauly
5. Fried Peaches (new novel by Pauly)
6. 2009 WSOP: Welcome to the Psychedelic Circus (via Tao of Poker)

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